Remember when President Barack Obama was going to kick off racial healing in America, and we ended up with rioting in the streets, night after night? Well, maybe Obama couldn’t get it done, but 2020 hopeful Marianne Williamson (who, by the way, is polling above Beto O’ Rourke, Corey Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand in New Hampshire) is getting it done now, before she’s even elected.

Watch as she leads a pledge at a campaign event earlier this week where she has white supporters lay their hands on the nearest black person they could find and recite her pledge of apology.

Why do we need $100 billion in reparations if everyone just apologized? Are we good now?

She needs to have another televised town hall on CNN so she can do this on cable TV in prime time. Chris Cuomo could lay hands on Don Lemon and recited Williamson’s pledge.