We don’t want to get any angry DMs from celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, so we’ll just say right up front that he is quite relevant and has 783,000 followers on Twitter, way more than The Federalist’s Erielle Davidson.

He also faces more indictments that Davidson, and he’s announced a press conference on Thursday in Los Angeles, which will have to do as a substitute for appearing nightly on CNN for months.

KTLA is reporting Wednesday that federal prosecutors have concluded their investigation into campaign finance crimes committed by President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen — a strong suggestion that Cohen will be the only one to face criminal charges.

A judge has ordered the government to put the search warrant records related to searches of Cohen’s residence and office in the public record by 11 a.m. Thursday.

And speaking of criminal charges …

And yes, we fully expect that CNN’s Brian Stelter is on a plane to Los Angeles as we speak with a camera crew.