You might have noticed that we at Twitchy shy away from using tweets claiming Rep. Ilhan Omar married her brother when we do posts about her, not that we don’t run across them by the hundreds. As Seth Mandel has tweeted Wednesday night, there’s plenty to criticize about Omar without handing progressives another “conspiracy theory.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has sort of teased the idea but never really produced the evidence; but now, David Steinberg is promising a smoking gun this week.

We’re listening …

We’re givers, so here’s the thread:

And don’t forget; this isn’t even the smoking gun yet.

Let’s do this thing.

Did the Star-Tribune keep things intentionally vague? Because they sure hinted at a lot without actually saying it.

Editor’s note: This post originally identified David Steinberg as a PJ Media editor. Steinberg formerly worked with PJ Media but is not currently with the company. Twitchy regrets the error.