It looks like CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe was out on the campaign trail with Joe Biden while the freshman four were having their press conference at which they refused to answer some pretty simple questions, like, “Are you pro-al Qaeda?”

Fortunately for him, O’Keefe didn’t have to sit through that, but he did ask Joe Biden what he’d say to someone — anyone — who agreed with President Trump’s “racist” tweets calling for AOC and her squad to go back to where they came from if they hate America so much.

Biden, who was pounded by Kamala Harris in the first debate for his work with segregationists back in the day, said he’d tell any voter who agreed with Trump, “I’m ashamed of you.”

If you ask us, “Back in Chains” Biden is probably the candidate with the least room to talk when it comes to racism, but hey, it’s his campaign.

Anyone gonna ask Biden if he’ll denounce that terror attack on an ICE facility this weekend?


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