As Twitchy reported earlier Thursday, Teen Vogue contributor Lauren Duca told Ben Shapiro to “f**k off” after he said on his show that soccer star Megan Rapinoe was a very good soccer player but was getting contracts because she’s a very outspoken lesbian.

Duca actually seemed to agree with Shapiro, noting that if Rapinoe were getting contracts for anything aside from her talent, it was that “she just provided a generation of baby d*kes with their awakening moment” — which is sort of what Shapiro was saying.

The debate continued online, but now Duca is catcalling Shapiro and telling him to bring his own gravestone to the time and place of their in-person debate.

But first, Shapiro had an issue with the synopsis of his statement that was being passed around, courtesy of a Media Matters “researcher.”

Or you could be like Duca and react like this.

The thing is, there’s a reason everyone always suggests a debate with Ben Shapiro; well, why conservatives do, at least.

Word is she is on his show today; if we get any highlights later we’ll pass them on.

And now we wait for the clip:

* * *


This was just posted so we haven’t had time to listen yet ourselves, so judge for yourself who was “demolished”: