If you read Twitchy you’re probably familiar with Carpe Donktum — he’s one of those guys who “doctors” content online, much to our amusement. If you ask us, this might be his finest work:

It’s memes like that one that got him noticed by President Trump, and the Washington Post took an interest and got in touch for a two-hour interview. On Tuesday, he shared the three-paragraph result as well as some other observations on the mainstream media:

Well, the certainly played up the very slight InfoWars connection, noting that the conspiracy theory website has been banned from most social media platforms. Oh, and Jim Acosta getting “shot” — it is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America, after all.

Then again …

And if CNN isn’t trying to dox you, that’s a win too! Now we’re gonna check Snopes and see if they’ve done a fact-check about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crying at the sight of a garbage disposal.