One of the ways to tell that so many of the Democratic candidates for president — the Senators, especially — are so out of touch is that they keep pushing national standards on a very diverse country. A $15 minimum wage will go a whole lot further in Arkansas than Washington, D.C.

Remember the hissy fit Department of Agriculture workers threw when told they were being relocated from Washington, D.C., to Kansas City, where there’s actual agriculture? Commenters assured them that they could live like kings in Kansas City on a D.C. salary.

So imagine the shock when Bernie Sanders of Vermont found out that the housing market is out of control in San Francisco — something everybody’s known forever. But if they’re suffering in San Francisco, it’s going to take a federal solution to “fix” it.

Sharing a kitchen with 30 other families? To be honest, Slate pushed hard for exactly that to solve the housing crisis — “dorms for grown-ups,” they called it. “The existence of dormitory living is a tiny step toward the acknowledgment that our built environment is overly prescriptive and, in its prescriptions, reductionist and inappropriate for how we live now,” they wrote, essentially saying the three-bedroom house was outdated.

We know Sanders isn’t technically a Democrat, but he does know who’s been running the city forever, right?

Again, maybe walk down the hall to Speaker Pelosi’s office and ask for her recommendations. She has a huge house there and does just fine.