As Twitchy reported, quite a lot of blue-checks on Twitter tried to pull a “Well, ACKSHUALLY” after video was posted of journalist Andy Ngo clearly being assaulted by Antifa thugs in Portland recently.

As recently as yesterday, Vox bridge-builder Zach Beauchamp tried to “cut through the fog” of the violent assault that sent Ngo to the hospital, and boy, did it get foggy: “The meaning of filmed events is entirely open to contestation. The mere fact that Ngo was assaulted doesn’t say what the meaning of that assault is, or what broader context is that’s necessary to understand it.”

Which brings us to the Human Rights Campaign’s communications person, Charlotte Clymer, who tweeted that Ngo was intentionally “provoking” people on the left (Antifa doesn’t like its illegal activities caught on camera and even passes out flyers saying so).

“Violence is completely wrong … but I’m also not going to pretend that this wasn’t Ngo’s goal from the start.” Nice.

We’d missed it, but Ashley Rae Goldenberg caught an apology by Clymer float by in her Twitter feed Wednesday. That seems like a long time to apologize if you truly regretted what you said.

Here’s the apology, which of course begins with a “clarification,” meaning you didn’t properly understand what she was saying in her first tweets.

Yeah, the rest of us all knew that last Saturday as it was happening.

Wow, Clymer ought to write greeting cards, ’cause this is just beautiful, thoughtful stuff.

It took four tweets, but we think she finally got to the point: Her tweets reflected poorly on the Human Rights Campaign, and she probably didn’t have to come to that conclusion without some assistance from her colleagues.