Florida Man is being given a pass this week as Alabama Man has stepped up to take his place. According to authorities in Alabama, 35-year-old Mickey Joel Paulk has only been charged with illegal possession of wildlife, although word is he was feeding his pet squirrel Deez Nuts meth to make it aggressive.

The Daily Mail reports:

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Paulk was caught on June 27 following a chase, in which he rammed an investigator’s vehicle.

Authorities had been seeking Paulk on multiple felony warrants unrelated to Deez Nuts the squirrel, which was made infamous after police said they were warned about a meth-fueled squirrel that had been trained to attack.

Deez Nuts was successfully released back into the wild by animal control officials shortly after the June 18 raid, however they were unable to test the squirrel for meth consumption, citing safety concerns.

So animal control officers released an attack squirrel possibly hopped up on meth into the wild? Why not just give it some PCP and let it loose in a playground?

The Daily Mail reports that a snitch alerted authorities to the squirrel: Paulk’s house “was raided by police after they received an anonymous tip that he was illegally keeping the intoxicated critter in a cage inside and using the property as a drug house.”