CNN made him a hero with its very, very premature town hall/show trial following the Parkland school shooting, and it took a lot to finally pry Scott Israel out of the sheriff’s office: first, Republican Ron DeSantis had to win the Florida governor’s race so he could issue an executive order suspending Israel. Israel fought that suspension in court, but in April, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed DeSantis’ right to suspend him.

Proving that he has no shame whatsoever, Israel on Monday filed paperwork to run again for Broward County sheriff.

Hunter Pollack lost his sister Meadow in the shooting, as Israel’s school resource officer hid in a stairwell and his deputies took positions behind their cruisers while the shooting continued. Finally, police from Coral Springs rushed past them and into the building to confront the shooting and begin rescue operations.

He’s just as shameless as he was when CNN set him up as the hero of their little post-game rally.


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