If you watched the second Democratic debate in Miami on Thursday night, you know that “Sleepy Joe” Biden really earned his nickname, even if his staff insists there was no “freaking out” among the ranks after his disastrous debate performance.

About the only thing that seemed to get Biden fired up was when he was directly challenged by Kamala Harris on his congressional record on busing; and you know it was planned from the start because her campaign team had the tweet ready to post simultaneously as she attacked him on his record:

Keep in mind that as early as June 19, literally a full week before the debate, people were passing around Twitter a copy of a letter Biden had sent to Sen. James O. Eastland thanking him for his support of his anti-busing legislation.

In case you missed both the letter, all the news reports on Biden’s past votes, and the debate, don’t worry; NPR has your back:

No way.

Yeah, funny how quickly the Daily Beast was able to track down the day laborer who posted that “Drunk Pelosi” video, post his mugshot, and let us all know he’s on probation after pleading guilty to domestic battery. But finding unflattering audio of Sen. Joe Biden? It’s a miracle.

Last we checked, Barack and Michelle and the girls were on a private jet headed to George Clooney’s mansion on Lake Como, Italy. Biden might be on his own for the moment.