Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, the top-two polling Democrats in the 2020 race, we expected to dominate Thursday night’s debate, but Kamala Harris laid into Biden over his segregationist past, and Eric Swalwell — who somehow managed to earn a space on the same stage — could do no better than to praise Biden but urge him to “pass the torch.”

In other words, everyone who wants to vote for Biden should vote for me, ’cause I’m practically the same but not too old. Biden won’t even last the 11-and-a-half years we have left until climate change kills us all.

If Swalwell wants to take on the frontrunner this way, we’re not going to stop him; it’s not like he could embarrass himself further in this campaign.


Dang, and he’d just introduced us to his first (and perhaps only) supporter, and now he’s lost even that.

Looks like Swalwell just managed to drop his own approval to somewhere below 0 percent. Good work.