We’d heard earlier in the day that the Senate has overwhelmingly passed a $4.5 billion bipartisan plan to address the crisis at the border, despite the absence of some senators who were busy getting ready for Wednesday night’s debate in Miami.

Yeah, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, according to the Washington Times:

Stephen Dinan reports:

House Democrats cannot accept the bipartisan border crisis compromise bill the Senate passed Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, and will demand changes to limit how long children can be held in some facilities.

Mrs. Pelosi also said Democrats will insist on more money to pay the communities that illegal immigrant families are being dumped into, and will demand a new method of processing migrants when they arrive at the border “which is culturally, linguistically and religiously appropriate.”

“For the children, we must do the best we can,” Mrs. Pelosi said.

So much like the Wayfair employees who walked off the job, it’s better to do nothing if it’s not “the best we can” — something we’re pretty sure Pelosi and her caucus have no clue about. What is the House Democrats’ plan that’s better than what Senate Democrats voted to pass?

Probably. A dime might have been allocated to ICE or something.