The Post Millenial reports that a talk earlier this week by transgender ideology critic Jenn Smith at the University of British Columbia erupted into violence after an Antifa member allegedly assaulted somebody in the audience. Smith is an anti-SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) activist who opposes teaching kids about sexual orientation and gender identity at schools.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa reports:

The event which was on “how transgender politics in school and society is undermining our freedom and harming women and children” faced several attempts by opponents to have it shut down and the speaker deplatformed.

Despite outrage from groups like the Association of Administrative Professional Staff at UBC (AAPS), who accused the transgender speaker of promoting hate, the university stood by their decision to allow the event continue, citing the fundamental freedom of speech.

Smith says, “I think the original intent was to go after me but she got spooked by RCMP near me and instead charged out of the building and flailed at the man at the back.”

Here’s video of the Antifa member making her getaway, being detained, and screaming like an animal.

Quillette’s Andy Ngo has done exceptional work covering Antifa:

Now we’re just interested in what Jenn Smith had to say. Tessa Vikander is a reporter for The Star Vancouver and lists #LGBTQ and “Identity and Inequality” as her specialties in her Twitter bio:

Can you believe there are people in America who oppose free college when this is what they’d be missing?