Again, we try not to pick on random Twitter users because it’s never our intention to send an army of people after them, but some posts just touch on something so supremely stupid that we just have to share.

Ez from Scotland prefers to be referred to as “they” and “them,” and they’d also like you to put your preferred pronouns in your Twitter bio if you’re cis (i.e., you identify as the sex you were born with). If you don’t think that’s necessary because you’re obviously male or female … that’s transphobic.

No. Next.

No, it’s not. Next.

Does a full beard suggest that gender is obvious, or is that transphobic too? Probably the latter.

We choose to leave “preferred pronouns” out of our profiles, thanks.

You tweeted it to the world, we didn’t.

Especially if it’s a trans “ally” who’s trying to be woke.

Will pronouns come up in the Democratic debates? They did at Saturday’s Planned Parenthood candidates’ forum: