The Planned Parenthood Action Fund 2020 Election Membership Forum is being live-streamed on Facebook as we write this post, so there’s still plenty more to come, but the event does give a handful of the Democratic candidates an opportunity to out-do each other on “women’s reproductive rights.”

By now you should know that we hate that “intersectionality” has become a thing; in case you’re new to the term, it’s an academic race to see who is most “marginalized.” For example, of course, a woman in America is oppressed by the patriarchy. But what if you’re a black woman? Then you’re doubly-marginalized and score more points. Even better if you’re an African American trans woman; that hand beats the others.

So while all the Democratic presidential candidates are pro-abortion all the way — even Joe Biden has flipped on his support for the Hyde Amendment — candidates won bonus points for arguing, say, that repealing the Hyde amendment would affect indigenous women the most. And the forum members demanded it.

Another illegal immigrant “living in the shadows.” But what about abortions for illegal immigrants (something that’s already been argued in the courts for illegal immigrant minors coming to the U.S. for an abortion)?

Black women have abortions? Who knew that Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is essentially racial genocide, except everybody.

The old joke used to be, “World to end: Women and minorities hardest hit,” but now that doesn’t even cover it. Indigenous women will be hardest hit if the government continues to let taxpayers off the hook for funding other women’s abortions.

So what did our super-woke candidates think?

We thought the right to life was a human right.

We send the message that there are alternatives to abortion. Good thinking on Planned Parenthood’s part not to leave anything on those tables Klobuchar could throw.

Oh, please spare us: Eric Swalwell went on again about how he’s raising his two-year-old son as a feminist. Barf.

Oh, shut up. All Sanders ever talks about if fighting, but all he ever does is leave his Senate seat empty so he can run for president.

Beto O’Rourke is still pushing the frankly dangerous narrative that Stacey Abrams was the victim of massive voter suppression, despite record turnout:

Drop out and let Abrams run in your place then, loser. Oh, and yes, O’Rourke would have the taxpayers pay for illegal aliens’ abortions:

You can read more about the #JusticeforJane case here. In short, a federal judge ordered that a 17-year-old illegal immigrant in custody be transported to have her abortion “promptly and without delay,” ruling that the teen’s legal status was “irrelevant” and that “she still has constitutional rights” despite being in the country illegally.

Props to Julian Castro for getting right to the intersectionality portion and including trans men among those whose reproductive rights need to be protected:

No surprises there, then: late-term abortion on demand everywhere, no required medical treatment for babies that survive botched abortions, taxpayer-funded abortions, abortions for illegal immigrants, no gag rules, no limits. Pretty sure we’ve settled on our candidate … sorry, Max Boot, we won’t be voting Democrat.