We’re not sure if it was Cenk Uygur or one of the other Young Turks who sent out this tweet, but if it’s bad enough to make us defend Alex Jones, it must be bad. As you probably know, Jones is being sued by a group of Sandy Hook parents for defamation, calling the mass shooting a false flag operation.

But did he send child pornography to the Sandy Hook parents? No.

To be honest, even The Wall Street Journal danced around the truth with its own headline on Monday:

Again, we’re not thrilled to defend Alex Jones, but this is a claim by the plaintiffs’ attorneys, and it comes right out and says that Jones sent child pornography to them — a claim that’s been debunked by the FBI.

Here’s what The Wall Street Journal reports:

Far-right talk-show host Alex Jones sent child pornography to the legal team representing family members of victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School school in a defamation case against him, the attorneys said.

The attorneys turned over what they said was child pornography to the Federal Bureau of Investigation when they received them in May, according to court papers filed Monday. They said the materials were included in a trove of discovery materials produced by Mr. Jones in the defamation case filed in Connecticut Superior Court.

The real deal, though, is that Jones produced “a trove of discovery materials,” including emails. And indeed, someone had sent child pornography to InfoWars, in attachments that had never even been opened. In discovery, the Sandy Hook lawyers found the child pornography and claimed that if Jones’ legal team “had engaged in even minimal due diligence and actually reviewed the materials before production, they would have found the images themselves.”

So the attorneys are upset that Jones didn’t open the attachments and find the child pornography himself before turning it over to their legal team.

And as far as Jones sending child pornography to Sandy Hook parents, we have no idea where The Young Turks got that idea.