If we were Pete Buttigieg, we’d be pretty jealous right about now that Out hadn’t offered us a monthly column leading up to the 2020 election to reach that important LBGT voting bloc.

Essence apparently thinks there are a lot of black women out there who both 1) read Essence and 2) have no idea who Kamala Harris is or that she’s running for president. Her new column should help rectify that.

A sitting U.S. senator gets her own column? Must be nice. Roll Call reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris hopes to reach a key Democratic voting bloc with her new column in Essence Magazine, a periodical geared toward African American women and a staple in black households for almost 50 years.

For Harris, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president, “Kamala’s Corner” gives her an opportunity to speak directly to a black female party base that might not yet be familiar with the political newcomer. Black women make up a significant portion of Democratic primary voters and also play an important role as party organizers.

Harris’ introductory column is heavy on biography and reads almost like her standard stump speech, focusing on her time as San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general rather than her two years as senator. She reiterates her campaign pitch to “prosecute the case” against the Trump administration and touts initiatives she supported as a DA, such as job training and counseling for nonviolent drug offenders.

Job training and counseling for drug offenders? She threatened to jail the parents of truant kids.

Crazy how her introductory column “reads almost like her standard stump speech.”