Full disclosure: We had no idea there was a Broadway play called “Hillary and Clinton” — that’s what we get for not subscribing to The New York Times and reading the Arts section each week.

We also didn’t know that there were two reasonably big names involved: Laurie Metcalf (“Roseanne,” “The Big Bang Theory”) and John Lithgow (“3rd Rock from the Sun,” “The Crown”) starred as, you guessed it, Hillary and Bill Clinton. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the play “depicts a fictional conversation between the two during the 2008 primary season in a New Hampshire hotel room.”

Wow, it’s amazing what they can do with makeup. In case you want to rush to see the play before it closes, we just checked and the cheapest ticket is $102. Get back to us when they depict a fictional conversation between the two on election night 2016 at the Javits Center.

And yes, their speaking tour wasn’t a big draw either, with the New York Post reporting that “organizers soon had to slash listed prices and even offer discount ducats through Groupon to boost sales.”

We’d pay to hear Bill Clinton apologize to even one woman who’s accused him or rape or sexual harassment.