It’s weird … Joe Biden was vice president up until January 2017 … but now he’s running for president and it’s like he has no concept of the world around him or how it’s changed since he and Barack Obama were elected.

Like the creepy hair-sniffing and neck-nuzzling — he had to shoot a video about it explaining how he’d mend his ways; even his wife said she talked to him about respecting personal space.

And then there was the Hyde Amendment; after voting for it and supporting it for decades, he suddenly caught some heat from Alyssa Milano and did a 180 that night — so quickly that his advisers were still on TV saying how he’d been consistent in his support for the Hyde Amendment.

Marc Caputo drew our attention to this tweet from K.C., who is a regional director of the Women’s March and whose preferred pronouns vary, according to her Twitter bio. She’s here, she’s queer, and Joe Biden’s finger’s in her face.

Oh, Joe. This is not going to fly with the ladies.

Um, Joe? You may be in the lead, but a whole lot of people in your base want to snap your finger clean off. Maybe have another chat with the wife about boundaries.