The media likes to track the travels of the “Baby Trump” balloon (some call it a blimp, but that makes it sound way bigger than it is) like CNN likes to track missing aircraft. Every time it appears it becomes a news item, and every time it’s planned to appear somewhere, that becomes a news item too.

The Baby Trump balloon was most recently spotted in London during President Trump’s state visit, and although it’s difficult to find a photo that really shows the size of the thing, Maggie Haberman’s probably comes closest. The thing would likely fit in your garage.

And here’s the “giant balloon” as photographed by The New York Times last year … and Trump’s still president!

Yeah, that’s the “blimp.” If you want to see what it looks like with liberal goggles on, check out this Sky News preview of its upcoming coverage of Trump’s visit. The thing blots out the sun, it’s so huge.

The Hill is reporting that Code Pink has filed for a permit to fly Baby Trump over the Lincoln Memorial on Independence Day during President Trump’s address because it’s always important to hear out Code Pink and take them seriously.

“The president is shifting the 4th of July festivities to celebrate his administration,” said Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin in the statement. “We will bring together people opposed to the pain and suffering caused by this administration, from family separation at the border to supplying weapons used by Saudi Arabia to kill Yemeni children.” And they’ll do it by flying the Baby Trump balloon.

They’re upset because Trump is hijacking the Independence Day festivities to celebrate his administration, so what better way to reclaim the holiday than observing the Fourth of July by flying a big balloon that looks like Trump.

To be honest … the thing’s kind of growing on us the more we see it.

We look at Baby Trump and see the guy who just wrestled an agreement out of Mexico to finally do something about illegal immigration coming from their southern border. Heck, build the border wall and fly a balloon from it every mile. Stay angry, Baby Trump!