We’re old enough to remember Trump skeptics (including some of us) reassuring ourselves that although Donald Trump had no political experience, he’d surround himself with the right people. That was true in some cases, although there’s been so much turnover in the administration they’ve had to put revolving doors in the White House.

So it’s kind of funny to hear 2020 candidate Kamala Harris bunt and say she’d surround herself with experts when it came to imposing tariffs. We’ll give her credit for not saying it’s a conversation we should have, but we’re not impressed.

Ah, the people who would be most at risk … which of course would be women and people of color.

It’s a little scary how her supporters are cheering this answer, saying that she’s being thoughtful and considerate, like this tweeter:

Narrator: No, it’s not.

It does sound presidential … in that it reflects Trump at his worst. Fortunately, it looks like his gambit with Mexico has paid off, and we had serious doubts. Glad he didn’t consult us.

Well, we know she can throw shade at the president; that’ll fly in the debates.