The Democrats have given us so many cringe-worthy moments during this campaign season, but if you ask us, Kirsten Gillibrand and Eric Swalwell, both members of the 0 percent club, are in a race to run the most embarrassing campaign. Swalwell, who is a white man and apologizes sincerely for it, showed off his tender side by shooting a campaign video while changing a diaper, but now we have Gillibrand “dancing” in a gay bar while modeling some LGBT wear from her campaign store. Yes, she’s sticking with that stupid “Brave” campaign theme.

We’re trying to think of an equally cringe-worthy moment from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and having a tough time — maybe one of her speeches to an African-American audience where she suddenly lapsed into black English vernacular? The hot sauce in her purse?

Watch in horror as we did as this “young mom” gets her groove on.

OK, someone was kind enough to remind us of Hillary’s most cringe-worthy moment: