This is stupid and infuriating in the way that so many other fake news stories are; it shouldn’t have been news in the first place, but even though it’s been corrected, the mythology will always live on in the minds of The Resistance.

True. However …

“When Donald Trump’s sons Eric and Donald, Jr. went on their Irish pub crawl last week and offered free rounds for the house, they failed to pay the tab right away, according to at least one pub owner,” the Daily Beast piece now reads. Note the addition of “right away” as well as this follow-up tweet:

If you look at the URL for the piece it still reads, “Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Still Have Not Paid Irish Bar Tab.” Why that’s a story we don’t know, but The Daily Beast was on it.

But … but … look at that screenshot. There’s a cursor at the end of the Facebook post … it’s a fake!

Sorry, does Yashar Ali’s screenshot look real? Or, you know, you could just go to their page on Facebook and read it there.

How about this screenshot?

The New York Post also picked up the story, “Trump’s sons skipped out on pub tab in Ireland.”

That probably seemed clever when you tweeted it … an hour after the correction had been issued.

Give it up, everyone. They paid their tab.

Of course, you didn’t see any reports that the pub was paid; it was a hit piece. Why follow up a successful hit piece with the truth?

Come on, people, even The Daily Beast has totally rewritten its piece:

Caroline Kennedy, the owner of Igoe bar in Doonbeg, where Trump owns a golf course, told The Daily Beast that she wasn’t worried at first when they skipped out on the tab because she assumed someone would follow up and pay her and other pub owners in the village. “That didn’t happen right away,” she said. “So I sent a bill to the Trump golf course.” On Saturday, Kennedy’s son posted on Facebook that the bill had been paid, and, according to further clarification from the Igoe, the golf course had given the bar a purchase order number and the bill had been arranged to be paid for by the Trump golf course, and that they were not, in fact, worried one bit.