We’re pretty sure we don’t have to remind London Mayor Sadiq Khan that one of the ideals America was founded upon was freedom from England, and we treasure that freedom more and more every time we see British police post a photo of the latest gardening tool they’ve confiscated from some elderly woman.

To announce President Trump’s impending visit to Great Britain, Sky News rolled out a promo showing the shadow of the “Baby Trump” blimp creeping over the country’s landscape (as if … have you seen how big that “blimp” actually is?), so it’s no surprise that Sky News was happy to sit down with Khan so he could read off his list of grievances with Trump … as one of America’s closest friends, you see. It was sort of an intervention for someone he loves very much.

Newsflash: It’s individual state legislatures “rolling back” women’s reproductive rights, and the whole #CharlottesvilleHoax reference just proves he’s not arguing in good faith. But of course, he isn’t … he’s a flaming liberal who can’t protect his own city from terrorism or knife crime.