As Twitchy reported earlier, “Dawson’s Creek” star Busy Phillips testified before Congress Tuesday on abortion and the recent bans being passed by state legislatures across the country. Why bring in subject and policy experts to answer questions when you can bring in an actress and activist?

The only thing Phillips seemed to clarify for pro-lifers was that if abortion is strictly between a woman and her physician and politicians ought to stay out of it, then all public funding ought to be removed — after all, that’s politicians deciding how to allocate tax dollars.

Phillips did allow that she might have played a doctor, but she isn’t one in real-life — which might have been a refreshing admission, except it was used to dodge a question that should have had such an obvious answer. It was Rep. Louie Gohmert who managed to stump Phillips by asking her if a survivor of abortion like Melissa Ohden has a right to life.

We shouldn’t need the “Jeopardy” countdown clock for this one — the woman survived an abortion attempt.

For what it’s worth, the ACLU thought the one clip you should watch from the hearing wasn’t Phillips’ non-answer to Gohmert’s question, but this:

No, if you watch one thing, watch her stammer trying to avoid answering if an abortion survivor has a right to life.