Claude Taylor is a “liberal provocateur” and the genius behind the MadDog PAC, which raises money to put up anti-Trump billboards in the middle of nowhere. And on Monday, as President Trump was arriving for his state visit to England, he shared this video of Trump’s arrival with the audio swapped out:

Taylor says he didn’t make the video, but he wishes he did.

That leaves it to the brave firefighters in the media to track down who created this video and posted it to Facebook. Why hasn’t Facebook taken it down? Is the guy who made it on probation? We need to know!

Look … people aren’t sure if it’s real or not, and there’s an election just a year and a half away. We thought social media was going to fix this.

Somebody doxx this guy, quick. And made sure Bette Midler knows; she hates fake videos on Facebook.

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