Reese Witherspoon starred in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” back in 2002, so there’s no question her voice should carry hefty political clout there.

We’ve seen a lot of hand-wringing — and not much action — from the big players like Disney, Netflix, and CBS/Showtime who were enjoying the generous tax incentives they were seeing from filming in Georgia, but ever since the heartbeat bill was signed into law — by a woman — the entertainment community has been monolithic and unrepentant in its support for abortion on demand without apology at any stage of pregnancy.

We’re too lazy to check if Witherspoon was one of the 50 or so celebs who signed Alyssa Milano’s letter saying they couldn’t in good conscience work in Georgia, but she wanted women — all women — to know she’d fight for them by donating to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Witherspoon does realize there are a lot of pro-life women in those states, right? She really ought to make that clear: “Pro-choice women, I will fight for you.”

We’re pretty sure it’s a simple as the fact that the unborn baby doesn’t “look” human yet, even though every person walking the earth, including themselves, once looked like that.

Gotta pass through that magical birth canal to graduate to a human being with rights.