When Rep. Justin Amash broke with his Republican colleagues the other day and posted a 375-tweet thread on why President Trump should be impeached, a lot of people in the comments suggested Amash was just setting himself up for a run for president in 2020, possibly as a Libertarian.

So it’s no surprise that he’s now being urged to throw his hat into the ring, this time by Daily Beast senior columnist and CNN political commentator at CNN Matt Lewis.

We’d love to hear why Amash of all people should run as an alternative to conservatives who can’t abide Trump, but the content’s hidden behind a paywall, so these tweets will have to do:

We feel kind of bad for Bill Weld … everyone seems to have forgotten there already is someone primarying Trump. So Amash it is then?

We’re old enough to remember John Anderson. Maybe he should step up and run again.

Being in the “principled” conservative club is tempting, but there’s something alluring about Trump’s ability to actually beat the Democrat nominee.