Say what you want about the #MeToo movement (and there’s a lot that can be said), but it did shine a spotlight on some really reprehensible behavior by men who should know better. Then again, #MeToo queen Alyssa Milano blew the whole thing when she excused Joe Biden’s compulsive hair-sniffing and neck-nuzzling by assuring us all he didn’t intend to make any women uncomfortable … he’s just a touchy, affectionate guy.

It really is amazing how #MeToo made people take things like Biden’s behavior seriously — how many years did we watch him sniff and kiss and nuzzle women and children, some of whom were wincing, and just write it off as Joe being Joe? But now it is a campaign issue, and even though Biden’s wife says he’s been lectured on respecting personal space, he can’t quite break the habit.

The personal space thing really is going to be a liability and Biden doesn’t show any signs of changing in the next year. At least he didn’t put on blackface and moonwalk, although Democrats have been known to get away with that too.



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