Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party and also a raging anti-Semite, has been making some pals on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Corbyn in April and alleges she shared her “concerns about how the Labour Party is perceived in terms of anti-Semitism,” having some experience with that perception in her own party.

Corbyn also shared a phone call with Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in February and they bonded over their desire to take on the billionaires. No mention if Ocasio-Cortez happened to mention Corbyn’s anti-Semitism.

We supposed socialists will forgive each other for anything, and Mediaite noted that a senior political adviser to Bernie Sanders (and a former adviser to the Women’s March) posted an animated GIF showing Corbyn dancing on Margaret Thatcher’s grave.

Yeah, so much fun.

Let us repeat: senior political adviser to Bernie Sanders.

Great hire, Bernie.