We’ve covered Yvette Felarca a few times before. The Berkeley school teacher and radical leftist was once charged with felony assault, as well as two misdemeanor counts of inciting and participating in a riot, after repeatedly punching a neo-Nazi at a rally, arguing in court that standing up to fascism and punching a neo-Nazi isn’t a crime. She’s a member of the group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and can usually be found at any of the riots that seem to break out in Berkeley on a weekly basis.

Here she is in action at a #March4Trump rally:

She’s also a middle school teacher, and Judicial Watch filed a California Public Records Act request “seeking public records information about Felarca’s Antifa activism and its effect within the Berkeley Unified School District.” Felarca filed suit to protect those records, but a judge just threw out her case as “frivolous.”

CNS News reports:

In a case in which he described Antifa activist Yvette Felarca’s legal claims “entirely frivolous,” California District Judge Vince Chhabria recently ordered her to pay the $22,000 in legal fees incurred by Judicial Watch, and the $4,000 in litigation costs.

Felarca, a middle school teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), and two co-plaintiffs, had sued the BUSD to try to prevent it from turning over to Judicial Watch their communications mentioning Felarca, Antifa, and BAMN, By Any Means Necessary.