Joe Biden might be riding high in the polls as far as Democratic candidates go, but North Korea doesn’t seem to think his candidacy “should not carry high expectations.”

ABC News notes that North Korea’s criticism of Biden comes after Biden took a few swipes at North Korea on the campaign trail:

The back-and-forth comes after Biden, while out on the campaign trail, recently criticized North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In an opinion piece dated Tuesday, posted on the website of KCNA – the North Korean news agency – and translated by ABC News, said Biden “dared to blaspheme our Supreme Dignity at a recent campaign event.”

The piece also declared that Biden’s “blasphemy” doesn’t “even meet the standards of basic human dignity, let alone a politician.”

Are the North Koreans getting their material from President Trump?

Biden surely takes it as a point of pride to be insulted by dictators like Trump and Kim, but it’s not like “dotard” Trump hasn’t taken his shots at Kim, often calling him “Little Rocket Man” in his tweets:

But back to Biden …