The media is going to bury this one right away, or else they’ll all have to do “Republicans pounce” pieces on how the GOP reacted to a Democratic representative saying that the deaths of migrant children were intentional and “a policy choice being made on purpose.”

The Hill has the video:

Rachel Frazin writes:

[Homeland Security Secretary Kevin] McAleenan argued that an increase in funds to the agency would have prevented the deaths. He said that the influx of people at the border is draining resources for the agency to be able to adequately respond, which is why he is asking for more money in the fiscal 2020 budget.

“The crisis is exceeding the resources provided,” he said.

“People keep dying and so this is obviously more than a question of resources,” Underwood responded.

McAleenan called Underwood’s accusation “appalling.”

A fifth migrant child recently died of the flu while in Border Patrol custody, which obviously inspired Underwood’s allegations. Perhaps she missed the lengths the Border Patrol has gone to in order to save the lives of children who were too far gone when they arrived at the border, life flighting them to Texas hospitals to give them the medical care they never would have received otherwise.

According to Human Rights Watch, 18 migrants died in Border Patrol custody under the Obama administration because of “substandard” and “inappropriate” care. Was that intentional as well?

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CBS News reported on the “tense exchange” but left it at that: