We’ve covered “white people food” a couple of times at least because we find it fascinating. One study, for example, found that “Caucasian populations are disproportionately contributing to climate change through their eating habits, which uses up more food — and emits more greenhouse gases — than the typical diets of black and Latinx communities.”

Conversely … it seems woke white folk also trying to get black people to change to healthier diets, which have the cultural stigma of being “white people food.” So by trying to convince blacks to eat white people food, social justice warriors are contributing to climate change. It’s a real conundrum. Or you could just let people eat what they want to eat.

We haven’t made fun of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yet today, but we should, because she live-streamed a video of herself musing on the subject of community gardens. With the exception of the patriarchy, of course, everyone is encouraging minority communities to start community gardens and grow their own fresh food. But then some white yahoo goes and colonializes the whole thing by planting cauliflower instead of yucca. You see, we need to stop looking at community gardens through a “colonial lens” and make sure they’re culturally in tune with the neighborhood.

Or something. You figure it out:

She used to work at a joint that sold cauliflower tacos, though, so work that into the equation as you see fit.

Climate change will fix that problem within 11 years or so.

Included as a counterpoint, but we heard her speak and we disagree. If you have to explain what she’s talking about, the fault isn’t ours.