We know there’s such a thing as white people food because last summer HuffPost published an important piece revealing that there’s a perception in the black community that eating healthy means eating like white people, and that stigma was keeping blacks from eating healthy foods.

But now there’s a study saying that it’s white people food that is killing the planet, so does that mean white people should start eating black people food? It all sounds kind of racist to us, but it’s just science:

The New York Post reports:

White people are already accused of hogging the majority of jobs, film roles, and housing — and now they’re getting blamed for eating up Earth’s natural resources, too.

Caucasian populations are disproportionately contributing to climate change through their eating habits, which uses up more food — and emits more greenhouse gases — than the typical diets of black and Latinx communities, according to a new report published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Researchers tracked information from multiple databases to identify foods considered “environmentally intense” by requiring more precious resources such as water, land and energy to produce — and, as a result, releasing more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide through production and distribution.

So white people food is more “environmentally intense” than black or Latino people food. Got it.

Just as an aside, you do know where they got that “97 percent of all scientists believe in man-made climate change,” right? Someone sat down and went through journals and counted the number of published papers on climate change — journals exactly like the one that published this study.