Rep. Doug Collins released some House Judiciary Committee’s interview transcripts on his website Monday evening, and one of the juiciest has to be former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s.

If we travel back to June 2017, we have former FBI director James Comey testifying that at one point Lynch directed him to call the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified materials as “a matter,” not an investigation, something Comey said “confused and concerned” him.

However, in the interview transcripts Collins released Monday evening, Lynch denies that ever happened. “I did not,” is her answer to whether she told him to call the investigation a “matter.”

But … what about those detailed memos Comey would scribble down in his car immediately after every meeting?

And another thing: Lynch testified that she knew for a fact that neither the FBI nor the DOJ ever “investigated” the Trump campaign for political purposes: