Heartbeat bills — um, sorry Alyssa Milano, we meant “fetal pole cardiac activity bills” (same thing) — are spreading, and if a Virginia lawmaker has his way, Gov. Ralph Northam’s state might have an abortion ban similar to the one that has Hollywood (allegedly) pulling all of its productions from Georgia.

Northam, who apparently follows ThinkProgress on Twitter, says his veto pen is ready … and it’s full of ink.

Are you kidding? He’ll put on blackface and a Klan hood, put the bill on his office floor and moonwalk on it. This guy has no shame.

Not only is he still governor — the yearbook photo controversy probably helped him by distracting people from his shocking comments on infanticide.

Really? Mad props to WMAL … that’s brilliant.

He’ll probably have to rush back to the capital from his “reconciliation tour” to veto any pro-life, anti-infanticide legislation that passes his desk.


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