Joe Biden entered the 2020 race at the top of the polls and he’s managed to put quite some distance between himself and runner-up Bernie Sanders. But as a lot of people have noted, Biden seems to think he’s running back in 1992 or something; he’s actually surprised that women are speaking up and saying please don’t sniff my hair and kiss the back of my neck without asking.

He’s also been branded as — gasp! — a centrist, and even though that makes him the most likely candidate to win the nomination, centrism does not fly with the Democratic Socialists who have taken over the party. And look at the backlash he suffered when he announced his “middle ground” climate plan, which the radicals in the Sunrise Movement declared “a death sentence for our generation.”

Biden continues to dig his hole even deeper with the modern Democratic party; on Tuesday he declared that most Americans are happy with their health care plan. You know, the whole “if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” thing.

Letting people keep their private plans?

Yeah, didn’t Obamacare fix everything? Apparently not. Biden is getting destroyed for saying most people like their health care plan.

But … Obamacare made sure every American had affordable health insurance.

And yet he’s way out front in the polls.

Narrator: Joe Biden went on to handily win the Democratic nomination.



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