There was some stunning television Tuesday night as Rep. Ilhan Omar broke with her “sister” in Congress and urged colleague Rep. Rashida Tlaib to take responsibility for her attempt at historical revisionism and the Holocaust on the Skullduggery podcast.

OK, not really. Omar was a guest on Chris Hayes’ show to once again talk about the tweet that President Trump sent out after she told a meeting of CAIR that 9/11 was when some people did some things. Yeah, let’s rehash that again; she managed to get a censure of her anti-Semitic comments turned into a resolution denouncing Islamophobia, so she might as well run with it.

So we’re just not going to talk about Israel hypnotizing the world and her support of the BDS movement?

She doesn’t know better; as Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained, she just has “a different experience in the use of words.”

If you just can’t get enough of Omar talking white nationalism, CNN published her op-ed earlier Tuesday:


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