Remember back in January when Newsweek ran a piece on all the conservatives “mocking” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after an old music video of her dancing surfaced? How many examples of conservatives mocking Ocasio-Cortez did Newsweek include in its piece? Zero.

It was the same thing all over again when conservatives “pounced” on a photo of Malia Obama drinking wine with her friends; absolutely no one cared, but Ana Navarro shamed all the conservative “haters” who supported Brett Kavanaugh, who “drank himself into oblivion in high school.”

Now we’ve got one of the Krassensteins (ugh) suggesting that all the conservatives “attacking” Alyssa Milano over her sex strike are rapists.

As Twitchy just reported, conservatives on Twitter were 100 percent on board with Milano, who was tacitly admitting that abstinence is the best birth control there is. In fact, the only one who seemed to hate the idea was über-liberal Jessica Valenti — she is not a Republican; trust us. Seriously, show us one blue-check Republican on Twitter who’s “attacked” Milano over the idea.

But no … follow the path from Krassenstein’s eyes through the liberal filter in his brain and out comes the idea that Republicans are pro-rape.

What’s funny is, going through the responses to Krassenstein’s tweet, the only people we see “attacking” the sex strike are feminists like Valenti.

Alyssa Milano’s on fire — after pushing the #MeToo movement she excused Joe Biden’s inappropriate touching and made him the first guest on her stupid new podcast, and now she’s pushing a sex strike that only feminists are disagreeing with.

Biden’s wife even had to reassure an audience recently that her husband is “learning” about personal space at 76 — please, Ms. Milano, work your magic with Biden as you did with John Ossoff.