We really, really, really don’t want Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to run for president in 2020. We mean, it would be funny when she’d refuse to concede that she didn’t win the Democratic primary and blamed it on racism and voter suppression, but the Secret Service really don’t need to be hassled with trying to keep her out of the White House or off the stage on Inauguration Day.

Even hardcore conservatives like Jennifer Rubin are rooting for her.

According to her, she won the 2018 election by coming in 50,000 votes behind, so the Electoral College thing would be fun. Her group, Fair Fight Action, even refers to Governor* Brian Kemp with an asterisk.

Then again, we might get to see a debate between Abrams and Donald Trump, who knows a thing or two about contested election results.

Why is the media giving more press to the loser of the 2018 gubernatorial election than the winner? She lost — quit indulging her.