As Twitchy reported, we hadn’t before heard of Alabama State Rep. John Rogers until video surfaced of him arguing against proposed pro-life legislation, in which he argued that in the case of unwanted kids, “you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair.”

If only there were even a third option for “unwanted” children besides abortion or execution, but we can’t think of one.

Rogers, having gained some fame from his “kill them now” speech, doubled down and started preaching eugenics, telling the local news that Donald Trump Jr., who is “evidently retarded or crazy,” is a good example of why abortion should be kept legal.

So now Rogers apparently wants to be promoted to state senator, where he’ll be even better positioned to keep crazy and retarded kids from ever being born.

Rogers even gave more reasons why abortion is an issue so close to his heart.

Here’s a hot take: aborting all babies would eliminate anything bad happening to them as children. Plus you’d rid the world of the retards and the crazies.

Further, Rogers claims that the man he’s primarying called him to say he agrees with him on the abortion issue.

For a man who cares about life so much, he certainly talks a lot about violence:

Great job, Alabama.

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Now Rogers says he has an audio recording of Jones agreeing with his “kill them now” comments.