As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday night had as guests Rick Santorum and Christine Quinn debating abortion, with Cuomo pretty obviously siding with Quinn, who offered up scientific facts such as, “When a woman is pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her.”

It’s a good thing we have the party of science to set us straight on such issues as when that clump of cells becomes a baby (when it’s “wanted” and when it “looks” like a baby … science).

Cuomo must have received a lot of backlash from viewers because on Tuesday morning he explained the need to explain “the medical realities” of the procedures … which, of course, CNN will never, ever show.

Got that? The pro-life position, which believes human life begins at conception, is more about faith and feeling than fact. And the pro-choicers, who believe it’s a baby when they decide it’s a baby, aren’t driven by feelings but fact. Got it.