As Twitchy reported, Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims posted something well short of an apology Tuesday after a video he shot himself of him harassing an elderly pro-life woman praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia. He said he can and will do better, but would he even have done that without the social media backlash?

The national news didn’t seem too interested in that incident, nor in a politician on camera offering $100 for the identities of three teenage “pseudo-Christians” praying outside the same clinic a few weeks earlier. To its credit, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an opinion piece headlined, “Not OK: Rep. Brian Sims harasses rosary-praying Planned Parenthood protesters.” Philadelphia Magazine also wrote up a piece on Sims berating an “old white lady.”

But what about Democrats on the national front? We know they’re fiercely protective of abortion rights, up to and sometimes even after delivery, but are they OK with a man bullying women on the street exercising their First Amendment rights? We might never know.

The story’s not going away, especially now that conservatives have organized a rally in front of the clinic this Friday. Will the national news then report on an anti-choice mob impeding women’s access to health services? Probably not; then they’d have to explain where it started.