There are a few tweets going around Monday night claiming that CNN is laying off 300 people, but CNN media guy Brian Stelter, fresh from not covering the Brian Sims story, went to a CNN spokesperson to set the story straight.

About a hundred people opted for it? That sounds less bad than giving 300 people pink slips, but it’s not good.

Before anyone starts tweeting that these newly unemployed journalists should learn to code, the fine folks at Newsbusters put together a handy list of nine things that are now more popular than CNN.

“More households keep chickens and other poultry birds as pets (1,020,000) than tune in to CNN’s primetime shows, according to a survey from the American Veterinary Medical Association,” Newsbusters reports. Also, “Their remaining 767,000 viewers could all comfortably fit in Jefferson County, Kentucky (current population 771,158).”


It really isn’t too late for CNN to turn things around — people really do want an unbiased news source they can trust.