CNN media guy Oliver Darcy blocked Twitchy after we began looking into his seemingly single-minded crusade to have InfoWars’ Alex Jones — and only Alex Jones — banned from Twitter. When Twitter claimed that Jones hadn’t broken the terms of service, Darcy and CNN themselves scrubbed through Jones’ timeline to find examples of where he had.

Two things we found odd: first, that a cable news network that’s always crying about attacks on free speech was so adamant to get someone “deplatformed,” and second, that the sole focus was Alex Jones, and not, say, Louis Farrakhan.

Now Facebook has banned Jones and Farrakhan, whom The Washington Post described as a “far-right leader” in its headline, and President Trump has taken notice. As Twitchy mentioned earlier, he tweeted Friday that he was “so surprised to see Conservative thinkers like James Woods banned from Twitter, and Paul Watson banned from Facebook!”

CNN hall monitors Darcy and Brian Stelter published a piece Saturday about Trump tweeting his support for “far-right figures.”

Check out this shocker from Friday:

And this follow-up on Saturday, echoing Sen. Ted Cruz’s tweet:

Is “Learn to code” still considered “targeted harassment” of journalists and worthy of a Twitter time-out?

Again, this piece was co-written by a guy who makes a living in the news business who made it his personal mission to have Alex Jones banned from Twitter … no wonder CNN is happy to have alternative views banned.