As Twitchy reported, Facebook on Thursday announced that it had banned accounts belonging to Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Louis Farrakhan, all three of whom were lumped together in a Washington Post headline as “far-right leaders.” The Washington Post eventually deleted its tweet and changed it to read “extremist leaders.”

Robby Starbuck makes a great point; why not refer to Louis Farrakhan as the far-left extremist that he is? Notice how you always hear “alt-right” thrown around to describe people like Ben Shapiro, but you never hear the media write about the alt-left?

It’s nice that the Washington Post could be bothered to correct the record, but Ted Frank has written an interesting thread on why so many media outlets just went with it.

Sounds plausible to us, especially the part about the media being too lazy to question the press release, which is probably why Ben Shapiro is so often lumped in the with “alt-right.”

The Women’s March will probably lobby for that.