The Poynter Institute, which “champions freedom of expression, civil dialogue, and compelling journalism,” has compiled a list of 515 sites “that spread false or misleading information,” using as research partners such reliable and unbiased sources as Snopes and Politifact.

Barrett Golding writes that “misinformation is a thriving industry on the internet, supported by social media shares, advertising dollars and political donations” — which certainly sounds like Poynter is providing advertisers a list of sites to avoid.

You’ll be sorry to hear that Twitchy is on that list, so what you’ve been reading here is unreliable misinformation — which is a surprise to us, because so many of our posts call out mainstream media outlets that push false narratives — ask the Covington kids about that.

For some reason, though, the Washington Examiner was removed from the list:

They really ought to.

So what’s the story, Barrett? How did the Examiner get on the list and then taken off?

Political leaning is NOT a factor — that’s cute how he put “NOT” in all capitals like he was serious. And where exactly should one address their input? Who the hell is “we”? Guess you just tweet ol’ Barrett there at @hearvox.

Judicial Watch is fake news? RedState? PJMedia? But politics has nothing to do with it.

Speaking of obvious satire sites, it looks like the Babylon Bee managed to escape the blacklist, though Snopes has been busy “fact-checking” them anyway. (No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not guess “Free” as a contestant on “The Price Is Right” — thanks for looking out for us and protecting democracy, Snopes.)

Stephen Gutowski, the only reporter in America who actually knows what he’s talking about when the topic is guns, isn’t too happy the Free Beacon is still blacklisted.

Seriously, Poynter, what’s up? Could you tell us what false stories we’ve been reporting so we can stop?