Wow, maybe that ugly portrait and mean tweet Jim Carrey posted about Robert Mueller going AWOL and failing at his job finally got to the guy; according to a New York Times report, Mueller is apparently unhappy about the way Attorney General William Barr’s letter summarizing his report seemed to clear the president of wrongdoing.

In other words, it’s exactly the shot in the arm The Resistance needed to keep impeachment fever alive.

To be honest, this is the first thing we saw in our timeline related to the story, and we thought, that’s bizarre:

OK, he’s looking down … at the ground maybe … so?

Here’s what has everyone all excited:

“The special counsel laid out his objections in a letter to the attorney general in March” … and now it’s practically May, so why now?

Here’s the important bit, courtesy of Seth Mandel:

Ah … the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation. So Mueller said the letter was accurate, but journalists were misinterpreting it. That’s … not at all what the tweet said.

The Washington Post quickly picked up on the story as well.

Seriously … if Barr’s letter mischaracterized Mueller’s report in any way, Mueller could have gone public immediately and corrected the record, but instead, we get this anecdote from March.

So there’s still a chance the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, right? Right?

* * *


Oh, get over yourself, Mr. Zero Percent. Read the story … or have someone who can read read it to you.

Editor’s note: The post has been updated with additional tweets.